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Life Update + New Shoe Obsession.


It’s Fri-Yay Y’all & Finally February! I am so ready for the month of love and chapter 2 of 2018. Honestly January as been such a whirl wind with everything, I just landed back from California a few days ago, because of my grandfathers passing. I was just home for the holidays and jumped right into work, after returning only to get hit with devastating news less than 3 weeks of being back. However, I do have an guardian angel and got to spend his final Christmas with him. So I am extremely blessed. 

Work has been completely crazy, we had a crossover (buyout) back the first week of January, I was offered a promotion (yayyyy!) but that also came with new responsibilities, and to top it all off we opened our brand new store in Staten Island and currently revamping our older stores. So daytime as def kept me busy.

Blogging, has been neglected a little since my family emergency but it was also what I needed to encourage me to live my best life and follow all my dreams. So I am back and ready full force. I am also happy to have some collaborations in the works and will be attending some of NYFW this month. (I’ve also pre-shot like 7 outfits!)

Time to get to more “fashion” related news… I am completely OBSESSED with THESE shoes! I was looking for a cute pair of shoes in the fuchsia/hot pink shade & y’all know I love a good chunk heel. Plus they were under $30 and I got them in 2 days! I love how they dress this simple all black outfit up. I’m planning to continuously style them with any monochromatic look + adding these for a pop of color. I’m thinking all black, all white, all tan, all blush, and even all grey! They are def a must have in my closet and planning on ordering these shoes in all colors especially in the yellow & royal blue shade. 

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