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Blogger Business Cards with Canva



It’s Monday Y’all so that means it’s time to get down to business. And as cliché as it sounds today we’re talking business cards. About a week ago I decided to design my blogger business cards on CANVA I always design my collage posts on CANVA and see the business card templates. So I decided to create my own, especially after checking endless stationary websites and not being happy with their options. 

At first I was just planning on designing my own, and ordering prints elsewhere, but that proved to be difficult as they weren’t uploading correctly and I am still not sure why. So I decided to just order them through CANVA as well. I have to say there isn’t a lot of options but I went out on a whim and ordered them in a silk finish on a standard paper, the cost was honestly so budget friendly as I got 50 cards including shipping all for like $23. Plus they arrived in like 3 days via FedEx.

CANVA was also so sweet to include a 10 pack of greeting cards. I am more then happy with the final results! And will be re-ordering a second batch. Also check out this super cute card holder I ordered from Amazon! Eventually I want to order a personalized monogram one, but I am searching for the perfect one. Preferably in gold or rose gold! 

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