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Hello 2018: New Year, New Goals.


Shirt: ANN TAYLOR Denim: OLD NAVY Shoes: TARGET Bag: Marshalls| SIMILAR 

New Year, New Goals in pink of course! I hope y’all enjoyed your holidays! I know I’ve been MIA but I’ve also been enjoying my holiday season and in my Mexican household it isn’t over until this Saturday for Three Kings Day, super excited. Anywho, just like everyone else I love seeing others New Years resolutions, goals, + ambitions. & of course I love making my own goals especially on a dream/vision board. I highly recommend it. 

But today I’m getting super personal + sharing them here on Lipsticks & Lattes. 

Debt Free

One of my biggest goals is to become debt free this year + pay off all my bills. (excluding Student loans of course, they’re never ending) Once this goal is met, I plan on trading in my car + getting a small SUV. You could technically count getting an SUV as a separate goal, but for me they go hand in hand, because I don’t want to create a higher debt. 


Lipsticks & Lattes is always a top priority to me, but I can honestly say I haven’t gave it the 100% I always wanted to, but instead  found every excuse not to. But this year I am giving it my all, these past few months I def feel like I have been putting in more effort and can definitely see the results. So I can’t wait to see what a whole year of 10000% effort is, and will of course enjoy every step of the journey. I also will be revamping my entire site (same name, no worries) later on this month, and I can’t wait! 

Get it Right Get it Tight

Every year I swear up and down that I am going to focus on weight loss. And though I am a firm believer of loving yourself at every shape and size, I choose to go back to a happier time and weight. I will always be a curvy fashionista, but plan on being a few sizes smaller. For y’all who didn’t know I used to be a lot smaller, but gained a lot of  unhealthy weight when I moved out to New Jersey. I do love working out and enjoy trying new healthy recipes, so heres to a healthy skinnier #curvy me. I am very excited to push myself and reach my ultimate end goal, but will always love myself first.

Travel Home More

Life flies by, and we get busy. Every time I go home I get more home sick and never want to leave. The past couple of years I only went home once, and super upset about it. I miss home always + I know it may not be time to move back yet, but I promise myself to visit more. I am already going home in June for my brothers high school graduation, and thinking about going back for Christmas again. Hopefully I’ll escape there for a 3rd time as well this year. Nothing would make me happier. 

Get Out There

So I am honestly a social butterfly, I love meeting people and having a good time. But since I moved here a few years back I kind of got on the shyness radar. I didn’t really know anyone outside of my work fam, and didn’t really try to. I was always texting friends and family back home and turned into a hermit crab. I am so  friendly to everyone I meet in public but never like get out there, ya know. I obvi do online networking and have met awesome blogger babes through Style Collective + Insta. I’ve also recently got to attend more events and network with fellow bloggers which is so awesome. With the workplace I talk to absolutely everyone and love them all, but outside I get easily intimidated to socialize with others as much, I don’t know if its my valley girl accent or my young age in a mature work environment with not to many millennials. But I vow to embrace everything I am Blogger, Californian,  Millennial girl boss, Fashionista, Intellectual, and kick ass. 


What are your goals or resolutions, I’d love to hear! Happy New Year loves.

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