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Holiday Look Preppy Edition

IMG_0243IMG_0244IMG_0245IMG_0246IMG_0247IMG_0248IMG_0249Shirt: OLD Similar & Similar Skirt: A New Day Flats: Karl Lagerfeld Paris 

Watch: Marc Jacobs


How is it Monday already?! This weekend flew by and I am already exhausted even though we had a relaxing snow day on Saturday and watched Christmas movies all day! Plus we did some Christmas shopping on Sunday, and found out these gorg flats are still on sale and in stock! 

This is hands down one of my fav holiday looks, totally channeling my inner Blair Waldorf who is honestly my spirit animal. All I was missing was a bow headband, which I’ll totally add on Christmas Eve. This holiday look is still dressy but casual and easy at the same time which I love! You could totally swap out the flats for the heels if you’d like to elevate it a little more but the flats are totally dressy and gorg. And BTW this skirt is marked down to $12! I’m kind of inlove with a holiday outfit with this emerald green shade verse a red. I am also like 99% sure I going to be recreating this look either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Lol I am so extra though during the holidays and usually have 2-3 outfit changes. I mean how else do you getter all the glitter and sequins out to play? 

Do y’all dress up and be extra like moi, or keep it casual during the Holidays?



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