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Tips for Cleaning Out Your Closet.

Happy Monday! This past weekend was soooo relaxing. Saturday morning I got to meet up with my Style Collective Sisters here in NJ and shop some of Ann Taylor’s newest stuff. Honestly joining the SC sisterhood has been the best decision for my blogging career, check em’ out + sign up here

Sunday was such a dreary rainy day, but I loved it! I spent all day baking, binge watching Stranger Things 2, + cleaning out my closet! Which is the whole reason for this post, so enough rambling, I wanted to share with y’all the good, the bad, and the ugly of cleaning out my closet. And share my top tips of cleaning out your closet to make room for all the new trends and classic pieces to enter your wardrobe. 

I have a basic ordinary regular closet with a sliding door. So literally nothing special, but I  do have it all to myself, since David has his own closet, so yay! So I wanted to take y’all with me in cleaning and organizing out a “normal” closet so everyone who doesn’t have a walk in closet or separate room can relate. Even though I’m waiting for a 2 bedroom to open up in our building so i can have my own Cloffice! 

TIP 1: Do Laundry First + Take everything out of closet.

It’s super important to start with an empty space so you can see what you are working with! And if you have all of your laundry done, you can see all your clothes so you can go through everything you own. Mine looks super crazy but I swear it was organized! 

To be completely honest my closet was a mess, I still had new purchases in bags, still hadn’t completely unpacked from Salem + Vermont, and was just throwing everything on “THE Chair”. So please no judging the before pics. Lol


TIP 2:  Make Piles! Keep, Sell/Donate, and Maybe piles. 

Probably one of the most important tips, separate all of your clothes + shoes into different piles. Everything you want to keep, items you want to get rid of whether to sell or donate, and the “maybe” pile where you are not quite sure if you want to keep or not. Don’t be afraif to get rid of items! The questions I ask myself while going through everything are “Does it still fit? Have I worn this recently? Is it still in good shape/quality? Would I wear it again?” If I answered or you answer no to these questions it’s safe to get rid of. I def feel like in the past I was sooo guilty of being a clothes hoarder! 


Tip 3: Use the same hangers!

I think using the same hangers is super important to keeping a uniformed neat look! I prefer to use the thin velvet hangers because they allow you to hang more in your closet. They look super chic and are very inexpensive. 

Tip 4: Change items as the seasons change + fold clothes that don’t need to be hung.

So for me I personally like to swap out my clothes seasonly. Also I just don’t have the space to keep out denim shorts, maxi dresses, thermals, and coats out all year around. Fall started super late here in NJ and even though about a month ago I brought out some of my flannels during this closet clean out I fully transitioned my summer wardrobe to my fall one! 

Another big thing is you don’t have to hang everything! I have this small hanging organizer that I use to store my everyday denim, leggings, skirts, and scarves, I use my dresser for heavy knits, lounge and workout wear, fleece lined tights, and similar items that just don’t need to be hung or would be ruined if hung.

Tip 5: Go back to piles.

Make sure to go back to your piles now that you’re reaching the end. Go through the maybe pile and decide what you’re choosing to keep or sell/donate. Also don’t forget to post your items for sale and take your donate pile in! I personally use Offer Up and E-bay for selling items, but I def think I am going to try poshmark. 

Tip 6: Put Everything in its Place. 

Now that you know everything that you are keeping, it is time to put everything in its place NEATLY. I prefer and hight SUGGEST color coordinating your clothes. It is just so much easier to find everything and piece outfits together. I also choose to display my most used shoes on the top shelf and ground just so they are easy to reach for. 


Let me know any of your tips + tricks for cleaning out your closet! 

XoXo -S. 



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