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Face Masks Fun


Today I am sharing these two fab masks I tried out from Grace & Stella. Both these masks are great skin care products! I am always down to improve my skin care routine. I typically have uberly sensitive and dry skin. Recently it is still sensitive but it is a little less dry and more combination type. So any face products I can use without my skin re-acting is a win win for me! 

The two products I tried were the Dead Sea Mud Mask and the Anti – Wrinkle & Energizing Collagen Face Mask which I currently have on while I am writing this. I love both of these masks because they really cleaned my skin while energizing when I used both. Also they were super easy to apply and use. I specifically loved how the mud mask had like a cap and little applying tool to keep it clean and not messy. And I am not going to lie I felt like a total boss babe when wearing the gold face mask, cause like who doesn’t love anything gold?

I would def recommend using any of their products, I am actually going to try their gold collagen under eye masks and can’t wait to get them, They’re currently in my amazon shopping cart. lol 

Let me know if you’ve tried them and what-cha think? Also any skin care suggestions from y’all let your girl know!

XOXO. -S ♥


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